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Iain A Gunn of Gunn – Chief Clan Gunn

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Ed Aksamit


Hugh Wilson

General Secretary

Alan Robson


Graham Hill

Membership Secretary

Postal Address:
25 Cherry Orchard Road, Lisvane, Cardiff. CF14 0UD.    UK


Charlotte Gunn
Herald Editor

Richard Griffiths

Adrian Robinson
Merran Gunn
Jamie Gunn Robb


Lin Robinson

International and UK Liaison Officer

Mike Pearson


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  1. Hello. I’m a resident of USA, and am very interested in learning more about our Clan’s history and how I can be more involved. My Family name is Wilson from my Mothers side. Her name is Lisa Wilson. Her Father was Don Wilson. I seen there was an option to join using Paypal, though there is no dollar amount. Thank you for your time.

    I eagerly await your reply. Thank you.
    Tracy J Sandman

    1. Hello Tracy,
      You’ll be able to pay in USD through PayPal – it’s one of the benefits of using their service: they look after the currency conversion. If you do decide to join: don’t forget to pull down the Overseas drop box it’s a little more expensive than the UK membership because we mail the magazine out three times / year, so the extra is to cover overseas postage rates. If you join you’ll receive a small booklet about the Clan Gunn (don’t get TOO excited – it really is a SMALL booklet!) but reading the magazines will soon get you up to speed.
      Probably the best way to get involved is to attend some events and meet your fellow clansmen and women – not easy when we’re in the UK and you’re in the US I know – but next year (2015) is the tri-annual international gathering so if time and funds allow that would be a great opportunity to meet up: certainly my wife and I will be attending.
      One alternative would be to join our sister society based in the US (many of the US members also attend our International Gathering), here’s a link to their web-site: – of course if you’re really keen you could join both! O hope that helps a little – but if you wnat any more information please post back.
      Best Wishes


      1. Is it possible to arrange a meeting with your geaneologist while visiting the museum? We are traveling to Scotland from the US in June and I am interested in area information regarding my family “McAmis”.
        Thank you,
        Michelle McAmis

  2. To whom it may concern

    I am writing a blog about Henry Sinclair’s pre-Columbian visit to Nova Scotia. I would like to know how it was established that it was Sir James Gun who might have died in what is now Westford, U.S.A. I am familiar with Westford Knight but I have not been able to find any information about Sir James Gun. Is there a genealogical record indicating that he died in that time period (1398) and away from home?

    Thank you very much for your help.

    Sincerely Yours,

    Slavka Nadudvariova

    1. Dear Slavka,

      Personally – I’ve no idea – my excuse being that I’m just the techie for the Website – but I’ll post your question here and see if anyone more knowledgeable than me can chip in!

      Best Regards,


    2. Hello Slavka ,
      It is me again William Scott Gunn Rockport In USA.I saw on the History channel about Henry St Clair from Rosland’s chapel I thought they said the Gunn accompanying him was James Gunn (BINGO) My great grandfather was James Franklin Gunn see the coincidence there.If you have any more information about my heritage here in the USA I also know we were of native American decent.So Pls feel free to contact me at. Or Thank You have a Blessed Fay

  3. The Westford Knight is reputed to mark the death of Sir James Gunn Chief of Clan Gunn who died there during the expedition of Henry Sinclair Earl of Orkney to America at the end of the 13 century as the coat of arms on the stone is similar to that of the Chief of Clan Gunn. This is largely speculation but there are a number of publications on the reputed expedition sponsored by Nevin Sinclair.

  4. I am trying to learn more about my scotish ancestors. I know that Swanson was a subset of the Clan Gunn. I am hoping that there is information in the Clan Gunn archives that will help me with my search. I also know that my Swanson ancestors came to the USA in the early 1600’s. I would be grateful for any help . Thanks

    1. In response to Bobbie Swanson Virden’s question, you may get help from the Caithness Family History Society in Thurso.

      There is also a DNA project on somewhere – I will try to get details and come back

  5. I’ve just recently found out I am part of the gunn clan. My last name is Jamieson (the names spelling has varied throughout the ages) and i am very interested in learning more about my ancestors and my history. How would I go about doing this?

    1. Hi Melissa, Jamieson is indeed one of the Clan Gunn Sept names so congratulations on being one of the Clan (- I only managed it by marrying a Gunn descendent – but you are the real thing!). Family History research is not my own area of expertise but I’ll post your question here and hopefully someone will give you some pointers.

  6. Hello. My grandad (my mums dad) was a robson. My mum mentioned a connection with the Gunn Clan,how can i find out more about this? 🙂

    1. Hello Jo,

      I can confirm that Robson is indeed one of the “Septs” (branches) of Clan Gunn. This does mean that you are entitled to become a member of the society if you wish to join.
      There are many ways that you can research your family tree but probably the easiest place to start is with one of the commercial website. Our society has a Clan Genealogist who can link up the research that different members have already done (but he can’t do the research for you!).

      Good luck and best wishes.

  7. I am very interested in visiting the Clan Gunn museum in October when touring Scotland 2014 but realize it is out of season. Is there anyone I could contact who might be prepared to open it for me as I am also researching my ancestors who left this area for New Zealand.
    Craig Gunn

    1. Hello Craig, I see you where/are or maybe still researching your Gunn Clan ancestors who are in New Zealand. Would be very keen to talk with you I am also a Gunn Clan descendant in New Zealand. I am a descendant of James Will b. Abt 1720 who married Barbara Gordon, on the Wills side James is my 6 times great grandfather.

      Please leave a comment or email

  8. Hi

    I am a Gunn clan decedent from new Zealand and my wife and I are travelling over for a holiday and will be in Scotland from new years 2015. We are planning to travel to Latheron to the Gunn museum/ heritage building and am wondering if it will be accessible that time of year. I have a book compiled out lining the New Zealand history of the Gunn family and would like to add it to the collection if possible.

    Could you please get back to me as to the requests and whom I could speak to about these details.


    Robert Fulton

    1. Hi Robert,

      I’ll pass your e-mail details to Bunty who looks after the centre. Although the centre is only open between 1st June and 30th September each year, they do try to accommodate overseas visitors travelling out of this season if at all possible. I’ll be going to the centre during the International Gathering in July, so hopefully I’ll be able to see the book when I visit.

      All the best,


  9. I have recently learned that I am a descendant of McKenzie Gunn b. 1797 in Wick, and his wife Margaret McKay whom he married in Eddrachillis in 1823. They and their children left Loch Laxford on the barque Ellen on May 22, 1848 and landed 39 days later at Pictou, Nova Scotia. I have just returned from a trip to Prince Edward Island where I photographed their tombstones and the tombstones of several other Gunns. What information is available about their forebears in Scotland?

    Thank you for any information you can give me.

    1. In 1841 McKenzie Gunn and his family were living in Sheigra, Kinlochbervie parish, Sutherland, about five miles southwest of Sandwood Bay beach in Scotland. His will is on file in PEI and also posted on I’m descended from William Gunn (born about 1814), who also lived in Sheigra; who was also a passenger on the Barque Ellen, and who lived next to McKenzie on PEI. The two men are obviously related to each other, but I’m not exactly sure how.

  10. My paternal grandmother was born a Henderson, and my grandfather used to refer to her as a “Henderson of Clan Gunn”.

    Is Henderson in fact a Sept of the Clan?

    Many thanks for your help


    1. Hello Vivienne,

      There’s a list of the main Septs here:, although that is not complete as there are several variations on some of the names, but as you’ll see Henerson is indeed one of them, so congratalations on being one of the Clan! If you’re interested you are therefore entitled to join the society.

      Best regards,

      Graham (Webmaster)

  11. Dear Webmaster,
    My name is Thierry Della Siega (41, born in Luxembourg, living in Belgium), but I am a direct descendant of a Gunn family.
    In fact, my mother is Fernande Jeanne Gunn (Luxembourg), and her brother is Etienne Richard Fred William Gunn.
    Their father was Richard Fred William Gunn (born on 25.4.1916 in Belmont, district of Durham (near Newcastle upon Tyle), died in Luxembourg in 1976).
    His father was Richard Fenn Gunn (born about 1880, married in Belgium, fought in a british cavalry regiment during WW1, died on 13.11.1924 in Belgium). His brothers were John Harry (“Henry”) Gunn (died in Belgium) and Charles Gunn.
    Their father was Richard Gunn (no other information).
    All family papers have been lost, and I have no more informations than these. I wonder if we descend from “THE” Highland Clan Gunn? Are we authorized to wear the Gunn tartan? What are the (symbolic or genealogic) differences between the several existing Gunn tartans?
    Thank you so much for helping me in my quest for our family heritage! 😉
    Sincerely yours,
    Dr Thierry Della Siega

    1. Dear Thierry,
      Thanks for your post. I’m afraid that I have no personal knowledge of your ancestors – but that’s not surprising this isn’t my own area of expertise. As a society we are hoping to develop this website during 2015 to allow members to access the considerable research that has been done by former and current society members (especially the Society’s Genealogists) into the Clan genealogy, but in the meanwhile our current Genealogist (Ab Gunn based in the USA – see our contacts page for his details) is a great source of information and it is of course possible that one of your distant relatives may see your post and be able to post a reply.
      Regarding the tartans: to the best of my knowledge (always open for correction by those more knowledgeable than me) there is no genealogical or symbolic distinction between the three different ones (ancient, weathered and modern).
      As a society we welcome all who have a “Gunn” (or Gunn Sept) name in their or their spouse’s heritage and accept and feel a part of the aims of the society i.e. “to promote a spirit of kinship amongst members of the clan throughout the world”.
      I hope that helps a little!


  12. Bonne année et bonne santé, from Normandy !
    I have tried contacting Abb Gunn but with no result : my emails bounce back with an “error” message !
    Could you check on that and, if that email adress is no longer public, send it direct to me on my own email adress ?
    With thanks,

    1. Dear Alain, Abb’s e-mail e-mail address is still correct- I’ve copied you on an e-mail that I’ve just sent to him – so let me know if you are still having problems. Best regards, Graham

  13. Thanks Graham!
    Very pleased about your quick answer, and yes, it does help! 😉
    I contacted Abb Gunn, and he will do some research… So we will see!
    Thank you again,

  14. We will be visiting Scotland 12 May through 23 May. Will the Clan Gunn Heritage Centre be open at that time of year. Your site says that it doesn’t open until 01 June, but other Scotland sites say “open all year.” Please confirm your hours for me. Thank you!

    1. Hi Sharon, Our Website is correct (of course!) but if you are coming from afar and have a particular interest in Clan Gunn, it may be possible to arrange a special opening of the centre: Bunty (the Commander’s wife who looks after the CG Centre) does her best to accommodate out of season overseas visitors if she possibly can. Let me know if you would like me to try and arrange this and I’ll put you in touch with Bunty.

      If you could also let me know which sites are giving the wrong information about opening times I’ll get in touch with them and try and get them to correct it.

      Hoping you have a wonderful visit to majestic Scotland -with or without a visit to the CG Centre, Graham

  15. Hello, I wonder if you can tell me where about Davochendearie, Latheronbt might be? It is mentioned in the birth of a Mackay baby being born in 1830. Many thanks for any help you can provide with this.

  16. I just paid for an overseas membership via paypal using the Standing Order Form.

    Is there anything else that I need to do to become a member of Clan Gunn?

  17. My son and I are planning a trip to Scotland the Summer of 2016 and plan to visit all the sites we can that relate to our Gunn ancestors, Jasper and Anna, who sailed to Connecticut, USA in the 1630s. We want this to be an independent trip, with no travel agency or tour busses, leaving us free to wander at will through the countryside. We would also be interested in any significant Jamieson sites, in honor of my paternal grandmother, Mary (Jamieson) Wilcox.

    I’m wondering if there is anyone in your Society who would find it fun to strike up an e-mail conversation with me about where to go, what to see, and what to expect in availability of lodgings and gas (petrol?) stations. I’ve delegated the actual itinerary to my son (who is really looking forward to driving on the other side of the road!) but we would appreciate any input you might have. And being retired myself, I would enjoy chatting via e-mail.

    Thanks in advance.

    Carol Wilcox

    1. Hi Carol,

      Good luck with planning your trip. I myself am not all that familiar with the area – but there will be plenty of people much more knowledgeable than me who can help. Probably this webpage won’t get too many visits, but one other place you might get some ideas is through Facebook. There’s a Clan Gunn Group that has been set up there for quite some time – it isn’t an “official” Group – there’s no direct link to either the US or the UK society, but I’ve noticed a few members who contribute on there. If you’re interested here’s a link:

  18. After doing some research into my family, I uncovered a few Robsons knocking about in Scotland a few generations ago. A nice discovery, considering it’s a part of the world I’ve always loved visiting. Given that the name appeared a few generations ago, though, would that mean I wasn’t able to join the society?

  19. It appears that after the Battle at The Chapel of Tears, the Gunn’s gathered in Sunderland(?) From there it appears that the surviving brothers of the Crooner had a falling out and went their separate ways. Is it correct to think that the division among the brothers, drove the need for and the use of sept-surnames? If this is the case, can we not draw some historical understanding of our sept migration ?

  20. Hello family and friends my name is Joshua Todd Gunn I live in Atlanta Texas . I was blessed tp be able to make it back to the Mother Land in 2011 . What a great experience it was too meet the New Chief. My grandfather is Dennis Lloyd Gunn . My grandfather and uncle tell me that they have found out what brother or bloodline comes from now…This is so Amazing. … maybe one day I could make it back to the Mother Land again I loved it their .

    1. Hi Joshua,

      We’re in the middle of our tri-annual International Gathering at the moment – so why not make a date in your diary for July 2018 – it would be great to see you then!

  21. Are the Scottish Gunns related to the Irish Gunns (and Gilguns, etc.)? We are Hendersons but our Y-DNA results point us to the various Irish Gunn families. Thank you for your reply.

  22. Hello

    All I know about my great grandmother is that she was indeed from northeast Scotland and her name was Mary (possibly Margaret) Robson.
    Some years ago I asked if that meant that she was a Gunn and got the brief reply: Dan, you´re a Gunn.
    Nice as that sounds, I´d still like to know if it is possible to trace my faily tree through the Clan heritage center.

    Thank you.

    1. Hi Dan,

      To be honest I think you’ll need a bit more than that to track your family history, but you never know – maybe someone will spot this and make a connection. Robson is an accepted “Sept” of the Gunn Clan, and as far as the society rules are concerned having a Robson in your family tree entitles you to join the society, in other words we do count that as allowing you to rightfully claim to be “a Gunn”.
      In reality there is no one truly accepted definition of who is and is not a member of a Scottish Clan, and as you can find by looking the Web, arguments rage as to exactly who and what constitute a true Gunn …

  23. Hi, my name is Kirrien Wilson, I am a 23 year old from the UK.
    I have been doing some research into the wilson side of my and I came across the Clan.
    So far I have got to an ancestor from Banff in aberdeenshire and got on a ship to Nova Scotia and then walked to Banff in Alberta.
    But he had originally left his family in the northern highlands.
    Anyway I look forward to learning more about the Clan and maybe visiting the area in the near future.
    Also, I plan on getting married to my american italian fiancee in the future and would love to get married in the clan tartan in the homeland so I look forward to learning my routes.

    1. Hi Kirrien,

      First congratulations on your forthcoming marriage. I’ll post your comment here and we can see if anyone knowing about your history responds. You may also care to look at the large Facebook group (see our external contacts page): although this isn’t organised or approved by our Society it does give you access to a wider reach if the Clan. If you have details of your family tree you can send them to the society Genealogist (Ab Gunn – details on our contacts page) and he will try and match them up with any other information that he has got. Incidentally: you are eligible, and would be very welcome to join the society (for the very reasonable fee of £15 / year!) you’re welcome pack and the tri-monthly magazine will give you some more information about the society! Best wishes Graham (Webmaster)

  24. Greetings All from Ballarat, Victoria, Australia

    I’m told we have distant connections to the Clan. My Father William Wallace Gunn travelled to Scotland in 1990 for a gathering which he enjoyed very much although he was quite ill at the time. Dad has since passed on.

    I’m a musician that plays in our local Brass Band, {City of Ballarat Municipal Brass Band} and also perform the duties of Drum Major when we are on the March.

    I’m also a snare drummer in our Federation University Pipes and Drums. Quite a solid Pipes and Drums Band of long term establishment.

    Apparently musicianship is very strong in this clan.

    Friends, I would appreciate any info about reunion type events, worldwide. And any music type events that you participate in.

    Also for the musically inclined our bands are looking for resources in the form of Drum Major’s Staffs/Maces and White Leather Ceremonial Gauntlets. Any further advice is appreciated as suppliers are difficult to find in Australia.

    Feel free to email.

    All the best to all you Gunn’s. Worldwide!

    Best Regards,

    Peter Gunn

  25. My maiden name is Jamieson and I live on Phillip Island, Victoria, Australia. My husband Carron Bourke and I are coming to UK in April 2016 to see our son Gerard (RAAF) at present at RAF Waddington in Lincolnshire. We are interested in coming to Edinburgh for the chieftan ceremony and want to know how we can receive details of this clan event and of the black tie dinner.
    Look forward to hearing from you.

  26. I am a Jamieson and in Australia. My husband and I will be in UK next April, 2016, and wish to receive info on the chieftan ceremony and details of black tie dinner.
    Look forward to your reply.

    1. Hi Mary,
      I’ll publish details and booking arrangements on this website as soon as they are finalised: at this stage I only have the dates (15th to 17th April) and venue (Edinburgh): watch this space!

  27. Question:
    Can anyone here give me an idea or timeline of when one of the original septs, namely ‘Gallie’, first became known?
    That is, when the name came into being.
    Many thanks.
    John Gallie

  28. I am looking for Gunn males who have taken or might take a YDNA test to show Gunn lineage. I have taken many YDNA tests and the results show my ancestors were from the UK.
    I have a family tree with several hundred Gunn’s. My unproven lineage goes back past George Gunn, The Coroner of Caithness.
    I have cousins from Australia, New Zealand, UK, USA, Norway and Scandinavia.
    Glad to share information.
    William Gunn

  29. Hello, my name is Ira Prescott. I reside in Greenwood, AR, USA. My mothers maiden name is Mann. I was adopted, so I’m not related to the Prescotts by birth. My father, who has been deceased at a very young age, had the last name of Davis, from Clan Davidson. I have a genealogy report from my maternal grandfathers line, that dates back as far as the 1600’s in America, more specifically, North Carolina. We are most undoubtedly descendants of the Clan Gunn. However, the report stops in America, and I am having difficulty tracing it back before the arrival of the Mann family in America. I would be ecstatic to be able to be a clan member. My question is, do we have to have geneolical proof of the clan ancestry to be a member.
    I am so happy to hear that the clan has a chieftain again. It warms my heart. Congratulations, Lain.
    Thank You so much for your time.
    Ira L. Prescott (Mann)

  30. Hi,
    I am from the US, and my Gunn ties are via Jasper Gunn, who was born in 1606 and landed in the New World in Boston in 1635. My Great Great Grandmother was Polly Gunn, daughter of John Northrup Gunn, Jr., whose brother founded the Gunnery School in Washington, CT.
    My husband and I plan on being in Edinburgh for a week, then flying to Orkney Island for 5 days at the end of June. Would love to tie in a trip to visit the Heritage Center and learn more the Gunn’s.
    Thanks for your help!!

    Lisa Margheim

  31. Hello, I’m wondering if there is any forum/group who are researching Aberdeenshire Mann family ancestry?
    Rohan Mann

  32. My name is Shane Wilson and I live in the United States. My father and grandfather were from Arkansas. I live in Nebraska. I don’t know if I am a Wilson from Clan Gunn.

  33. I do hope that you can help me,
    My Family name is MAIN, and I have been told by my late Father that we come under the Gunn Clan,
    I would be most great-full for any help on this.
    Many thanks for your time and help.
    Robert Main

  34. Greetings to all of the Gunn clan my name is Daniel Wylie I found out my name is listed as a Gunn on the list. My cousin encouraged me to share this with you. I would like to know if I can be part of the CLAN Gunn as part of the Sept name Wylie. Thank you people for this time.

  35. Hello, my name is Jacquelin Smith. My great grandmother’s name was Josephine Gunn Moore. I am trying to find out if there is any relation between her and the Clan Gunn of Scotland. I would like to learn more about my ancestors if at all possible. If there is any way possible for your to help me figure this out, it would be greatly appreciated.

    Thank you in advance.

  36. Good afternoon from Montana, USA. I had my DNA done on Family Tree DNA the 111 marker , also Scotlandsdna has done my DNA. I have been trying to find a site in the UK who matches DNA to others who had their test done. My family line is Robinson, Butler (father’s side) then Whitaker, Burton (mother’s side). I have connected with five others here in the States that match my DNA and all of us are Robinson’s. We all go back to the Virginia Colony. I do know my relations came out of Scotland to the Colonies.

  37. Hello from New Zealand! I am just seeking clarification about my Gunn ancestors to see if they definately belong to Clan Gunn [before I join] as I’m not sure how the Clan system works. I am descended from John Gunn c.1680 from Forres, Moray whose son was John Gunn 1707, whose son was David Gunn born 1728 who was a merchant in Forres, whose son was James Gunn born Forres, Elgin, Moray in 1770 ….. – is my Clan Gunn?? Kind regards, Michelle

  38. Hello, I am researching my entitlement to the Gunn name. My wife’s, who was MacKrill-Firebough, married George Gunn of Fresno California. Shortly before he passed, uncle George, by his word only, adopted me as a son, thereby bringing me into the family. After some research I found that my mother’s maiden name by birth is Williams which was changed from Williamson upon arrival in America in the 1800s. Williamson was a family within clan Gunn. So, am I entitled to wear the tartan and crest pin.

  39. Hi to all,
    I am an author of crime thriller novels and though you may all be interested in my Gunn Brothers Thriller series. As you can see my main heroes are two of the clan Gunn. I myself am related to the Royal Stewarts of Appin on my fathers side.
    The books are available at all good retailers such as amazon etc.

    They might make a great present for another Gunn family member?

    Best wishes,

    James Hilton

  40. Hi, I am trying to find out when my family belonged to Gunn Clan. I have been told by my annestors that the McCathie name was part of the Gunn Clan however the name McCathie does not come up on any of the websites.
    Could you please help me with my search?
    Hamish McCathie

  41. Hello, I have been doing research for the Robbins side of my family for a while now and I have came to a bump in the road. I was assuming that Robbins and its variations (Robins, Robbyns, Robyns) was part of the Gunn Clan. I would of bet money on it. However the Genealogist stated this is not so. Robbins is not a Sept of the Gunns. I did see in various articles that mention we are “accepted” as part of the Gunn Clan. I would like to know if this is true, and if so how? If not, can I swear my allegiance to the Chieftain himself?

  42. I’m looking for my immigrant ancestor James Robberson (aka as Jacobus Roberse, his sons went by Roberts, the rest of their descendants Robison, and my grandmother changed it to Robinson on their marriage license.
    James was b. 1687, in Old England. His ancestors may have been John Robison and Katherine (Corey?), however this is not clear. Most records state James was thought to be the son of Isaac, brother to Rev, John Robinson. However, that too was a dead end. I have been unable to find him on any of the ship listings, but there are more Robinson’s in the Barbados in early 1600’s. (It’s interesting that a first colonist John Robinson died in December 1607 during the starving time, but most all marriages are with other first American colonists. Also of note, my grandfather is named Clisby, but found no connections in Cleasby, Eng.)
    Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.

    1. Hi Danyelle, Good luck in your search, I will have to leave it to other visitors to our site to try and help answer your question. If you haven’t already done so it may be worth joining the Facebook Group (free of course) and posting your question there. The Group is not part of the official Clan Gunn Society but it does have a much bigger group of members, many of whom are based in the USA. You can find the Group here Best wishes, Graham (CGS Webmaster)

  43. Hello,
    My wife and I will be visiting from the US and will be in the vicinity of the Heritage Centre on Friday May 19, 2017. I noted in an email dated almost exactly two years ago that foreign visitors might be able to visit the Centre if the Commander’s wife is able to assist, since normal opening hours would not begin for about another two weeks. Is that still possible? I know little about the Clan, but I was told some years back that as a Scandinavian Johnson (name anglicized in Boston in 1884), my most likely Clan connection would be Clan Gunn. I did see that Johnson is a Sept name. I will greatly appreciate any assistance you can provide.
    Best regards and thank you,
    Brynte Johnson

    1. Hi Brynte, I’ve checked with Bunty (or Madam Gunn of Gunn as she should now be officially called as wife of the Chief!) and I’m sorry to say that it won’t be possible to open up in May. There is remedial work to be done on the ceilings and roof and the area will be limited to building contractors only. I suppose that all of the exhibits will be stored safely away as well. Sorry to disappoint you.
      Picking up on the question about your ancestry: Whilst Johnson is indeed a Sept of Clan Gunn, it is a common name and could well come from another line. To be sure you really need to research your genealogy and see where your forebears originated from: if it was from the Caithness area then you will almost certainly be from the Johnson sept of Clan Gunn. As a society we don’t ask members to provide a proven pedigree – if either your own research or your family tradition leads you to believe that one of your forebears (or your spouses) is a member of Clan Gunn and you accept the aims of the society – that’s sufficient.

      Graham (CGS Webmaster)

  44. I would be grateful if anyone could provide me with contact information for the Clan Gunn Society in France and Norway, as I now divide my time between these two countries. Many thanks in advance….

  45. Hello. We will be visiting Scotland in May (19th-28th) and wondered if the Museum will be open at all during that time?

    1. Hi Caroline, Unfortunately no – prior to the summer opening at the beginning of June, there is remedial work to be done on the ceilings and roof and the area will be limited to building contractors only. Sorry to disappoint you.

  46. Hello – My wife and I are also traveling to Scotland in May of this year, and had planned on visiting the Clan Gunn Museum. We are from Chico, CA, USA. We will be staying in Inverness May 17th to May 20th. If the Museum won’t be open and the exhibits stored, due to the reconstruction, maybe we should just get together for a picnic in the cemetery? BTW, my Clan Gunn line is through my grandfather, Peter White Gunn, born on 10 July 1884 in Leith. His father was George Gunn, and his mother was Marion Whitecross White.

    David Gunn

  47. I am trying to establish any link between Angus Gunn (born: 7 December 1790 at Halkirk, the son of George and Margaret Gunn) and Angus Gunn who, in 1814, was appointed as the first Head Constable of Ayrshire. I suspect they are the same person. Do you hold any information which could be useful in confirming (or denying) this theory? I am already in contact with the Ayr local history centre and await any news from them. I would be grateful for any assistance, but understand they you may not be able to.
    Kind regards.

  48. I began researching my Gunn family in the USA, about 20 years ago. During the Great Depression many of the family were scattered and we lost touch. My great-grandfather, William Thomas Gunn had 14 children with 2 wives. When my father passed away I was clearing out his desk and found a will that named all family members as of the date of the will in the 1960’s. I wrote to all of them, many were deceased, but I got good response from their families and began to gather the family together. I found my cousin, Nancy Kellum Pearce, by chance on FaceBook, she completed the family that I had not been able to find, and she had volumes of material on the family. About 6 years ago I organized a family reunion. We had about 125 people to the first and we have one each year. Some of us dream of coming to Scotland to visit the origin of our family. It is a dream at this time, but in order to try to make it happen I am researching accommodation for family. I would appreciate information on the area, and will seek holiday rentals that will suit. I will need names of villages close by in order to find my way. I would love to make this dream a reality. Thanks for any assistance that you may be able to give. My brother Robert Gunn, cousin Nancy Kellum and I have traced to the 1600’s here in America and we are still researching. Faye Gunn Bowling, Virginia, USA

  49. Hello,
    I am going to be in the area of Latheron between the 1st and the 5th of April and was hoping to get some information about things to see. I was going to go to the heritage center, but I realized that it wont be open during the times I am there. Is there any Gunn clan sites I can see while I am up there? Any information you can give me would be greatly appreciated.

    James Gunn

  50. hello everyone…Carol Taylor from Australia..l was pleased to see that Iain Gunn was invested with the title Chief of Clan Gunn..mum (Phyllis Taylor nee Gunn) would be so proud of him..she had felt that he had earned that title..l watched the video and enjoyed seeing many faces l recognized even though l had only attended 2 clan gatherings in the past..may look at attending the one after the 2018 event..give me time to save..please pass on my congratulations to Iain and Bunty Gunn..have a great year guys..l will be in Scotland in May but not going any higher than Inverness this trip..good luck everybody..

    1. p.s….could you pass on my email address to Todd in NZ please..having watched all the video now l see he will be the closest person to contact about any events happening in the southern hemisphere re clan Gunn..also congrats to the Cournal..l see his ancestral roots also come from Staxico..mum traised hers back to a (Thomas.?) Traile Gunn who migrated from there and came to our gold fields settling around Clunes and Creswick and then Ballarat, Victoria..

  51. Hope this finds all of you to be in good health. My name is Kevin Wilson, and along with other family members; Jamerson,
    McCellend, McPherson/Kluni, we have come to understand our situation as a sept of Clann Gunn and honored to be so.

    My question is, how might I get a letter to our new Chief, I. Gunn?
    I would also like to ask, if Clann Gunn folk would be helpful in establishing a “Family (Sept) organization for Wilson?

    Thanks for the help.


  52. I would belatedly like to congratulate the honourable sir Iain Gunn of Banniskirk to finally having recieved recognition as Clan Chief after donkey’s years of nonacceptance. At least it is now officially a clan. Thank God and the persistence of some good people.
    I wished I could only know for sure without spending loads of money on genealogy if I could call myself an ancestor of the clan. (My mother’s family name being Whiley).
    Still, beyond that, I still feel attached and wish you all the best from a Brit living near Cologne, Germany.


  53. Hello, my name is Jarrett L. Wilson my father use to take me to the highland games, tell us that we were of Scotish Descent. I do not know or should say I do not have 100% confirmation. I know after a DNA test that I am of Scottish. I and another clan member wanted to make it official in other regards. We both would like to swear ourselves to the Chieftain.

    In the unlikely event that we are not from this clan, we both would like to swear our loyalty.

  54. Hello,
    My family name has nothing to do with Clan Gunn. My mother used to talk to us about it. We are distant – it was my great grandmother who was Lillias Baxter Gunn. They arrived in Melbourne around 1880 due to her husband’s ill health. He was a Carrick. He died in 1890. I have a friend – Thomas Mann who is Scottish – Mann is one of the septs. Due to Lillias our home was named Clythbrae – and it is on a brae. She was born in Rothesay. Her family were badly hurt by the clearances and even my mother talked about them. I believe some of the clan went to New Zealand. My parents visited a member in 1971 not long before my mother died. They saw a photo – and dad said it was the spitting image of Mum. Unfortunately they would not permit my father to take a photo.
    I have visited the museum and shop about 4 times. I am having difficulty persuading the family to go there again. Is it possible to buy a few long sleeved, collared tops for myself and small ones for my 3 year old grandson by sending a UK bank cheque?
    Thanks, Pamela.

  55. Hi

    My name is Graeme Robert Wylie, my father is Derek Wylie, My grandparents or William Wylie & Dorothy Wylie, they have 3 children (1 is my Father) Ian Wylie & Vivian Wylie (Now a MacBeth through Marriage). I have 3 Children Fraser Robert Wylie, Lohen Grae Wylie & Faren Cade Wylie.

    I can remember my Grandad always talking about his father and grandfather being born in Scotland and that we are part of Clan Gunn.

    I would love to know if we are part of Clan Gunn and be able to tell my children where our bloodline descends from.

    Also, if there are people on here that recognize my family names then please let me know, love too meet more people with the name WYLIE.

    Thanks, Graeme

  56. I am told I am a Gunn descendant and I would like to verify this information. My DNA is on Is there a verified Gunn descendant also on who would be willing to give me their Kit Number for a one -to-one match? If so please contact me at my e-mail address.

  57. It is great to read of such interest in Scotland and Clan Gunn. We are hoping very much to attend the 2018 Gathering (from France) but find it difficult to plan the week just after as bookings are usually from Saturday to saturday and that we shall disperse on Sunday July 28th aftera venue in a -as yet- unnamed location !

      1. Thanks Graham !
        Meanwhile you had put nice new photos of the tattoo evening on the home page ; as they are “a bit small”, is there a way of seeing them full page ?
        Best greetings from Normandy,

        1. Hi Alain. My greetings back to you from Pays de Galles! A bigger image should be possible: If you right click on the image you want to view full size and then select “Open Image in new Tab” that should open up a bigger static image. You can then zoom in further if you want to (eg. hold down the CTRL key & roll your mouse wheel). Graham

          1. Thanks Graham ! I can view full size which is great. I shall have to try zooming again on the group photo !

  58. Hello! In Québec here, my husband and his brothers have the clan motto tattooed on them, the claim decent from their grandmother Mary Keddie, who married James Wood. Is there a way to find out more? I would love to have the genealogy for my kids. Thank you!

    1. Hi Yuri, “…is there a way to find out more” … I’m no expert but I think that is a big question! There are lots of books, websites and other resources that can get you started on how to trace your family. Within the society our Clan Genealogist (Ab Gunn) keeps a database of known family tress so he can compare any information that you obtain and let you know if he can help to extend your tree, but I think you will need to do a bit more groundwork first so that he can locate the right line.

  59. Two questions please:

    In the Gunn Report, the International 2018 gathering is highly touted. For those of us who have never been, would you PLEASE TELL US WHERE IT IS? Thank you.

    Also, what is an AGM? Again, often mentioned in the Gunn Report, but NEVER defined for we who are NOT in the know.

    Thanx, Ron W, Loutzenhiser

    1. Hi Ron,

      Sorry for not being clear: the 2018 International Gathering will start in Kirkwall on the island of Orkney (off the North cost of Scotland) and then move to Wick in Caithness on the North East coast of Scotland.
      AGM = Annual General Meeting (for members of the society!).

  60. I wish to email the Chieftain of the Clan Gunn and would like to know the appropriate site. Thank you in advance.

  61. Evening,
    I am trying to find out if becoming the member of the Gunn Clan will earn me the right to wear wilson tartan or Gunn/ wilson tartan, I would not want to wear it other wise as by the old laws you should be a clan member not just have a related name to wear it. I have looked into my family history but hit road blocks due to my forbears being tennant farmers in Ireland and the moving about made it difficult to track on the census. I am a wilson by birth and can track it back to the 1800’s, and being an Ulsterman there is a good chance I am an UlsterScot.

    1. Hello Stephen. I think you ask a good question but there is not an easy answer. There is certainly no legal or historical link between being a member of the Clan Society and being an accepted member of the Clan, BUT as there is no legal definition of a Clan member, some would consider joining a Clan society to be a way of showing loyalty to the Chief of that Clan, which is the definition of a Clan member given by Lord Lyon, but equally others would say that the two are not related! That’s not much help to you – sorry – but either way you would be very welcome to join the society and come along to some events!

      1. I thought as much but knowing that people who lived on the lords land without be related to him were clan members and expected to fight for him, I thought I would ask the question thank you for getting back to me.

  62. Hello,
    We will be travelling in Scotland May 2 – 12, 2018 and would like to arrange an “out of season” visit to the museum if possible. My 4th Great Grandmother was Barbara Gunn, married to William Bannerman (they immigrated to Canada in 1815 to Lord Selkirk’s Red River Settlement). Could you please provide contact information so that we can try to set something up as we are very interested in travelling/researching in the area. Thank you.

  63. I need to pay for the Clan Gathering Booking (which I have already submitted to Sarah Gunn). However, I cannot find how to pay USD by credit card or PayPal. I must be missing something. Can you give me some direction to get this accomplished?
    Thank you.

  64. Hi! I’ve done some research on various family lines (mostly my direct) that has a great mix of English, Irish, French, and Scottish on most, if not all sides. It is on my paternal grandmother’s mother’s line I have discovered a Guin(n) in late 1790s, though that’s as far I’ve found out and not sure of the spelling either. After speaking with the Clan Gunn Society of North America at the Central Florida Scottish Highland Games, I believe I have Scottish ties (perhaps it is why I’ve always loved Scotland and want to return desperately? lol). I’ve joined as a member for CGSNA and my husband has informed me that he’s done so for here. 🙂 I may well have other Scottish ancestors through the Meadows line (my direct line) and others, I just haven’t quite got to them yet.

    1. Hi Melissa and welcome,

      There is much to be said about the various spellings found in old documents and how the names then evolved into slightly different spellings and pronunciations. Na Guinnich, I am told, was also the Gaelic spelling for Gunn so the comparison is there. Good luck with your research and enjoy the Clan Gunn hospitality when you can.

  65. Hello. I too was in Scotland in May last year and found the Gunn Museum and Center closed. My Gran was born in Lybster. She was Margaret Ann Gunn. I visited the harbor and th boat house with a tea room and small museum. It had albums and photos of Gunn’s. Even found clas school photos and found faces of family from the 1800’s. It was a small community and the grave yards were full of my ancestors. So sorry I missed the Museum. I doubt I will be able to return. My Gran married James Findlay Mackintosh from Kerrimuir. She emigrated in about 1905 to St Louis Missouri USA. and as her Grandaughter I was raised with Scottish Tradition and pride. Thank you for your site. Judith Comfort.

  66. My family’s ancestors are Robsons from the Borders area. Are these Robsons related to the Gunn clan? If so how did they become so geographically separated?


    1. Hi Katie

      Thank you for your interest. Welcome to the site. I hope you find it useful.

      An interesting article by Robert M Gunn can be found here. and you’ll see Robson listed there.

      As for their individual migrations over the lands you may need to do a bit more research. can be a good start for tracing back family if you have a date and location in the Borders.

      If you already have some part of a tree and wish to explore further you can contact our Genealogists which are listed via this link.

      Good luck!

  67. Hello there – taking my fiancee on a surprise trip to see some of both of our heritage – We’re both Canadian, but my ancestry is English (Newcastle/Darlington) and hers is Scottish (She’s a Gunn). Would love to be able to drop by the centre and have her meet some of her extended family and clan members. March 25-27 2018… Hoping someone will be around!

    1. Hi

      Hope you have a great trip. The Heritage Centre will be closed still on those dates, but there’s still plenty to see and do around the area.

      For a map with some ideas for visits click here

  68. Hi
    We are travelling to the north of Scotland and while there would love to research some of my mothers family (Gunn). We know that they came from the Thurso, Dunnet and Wick area and so are planning to visit there. We will probably be there at the beginning of May, and it would be fantastic to be able to visit the Museum. I have noticed that you don’t open until June, is there anyone who might be able to open up the museum for us ? Our family were descended from Donald Gunn and Eliz Gollach and George Traill Bain and Eliz Sutherland and emigrated to NZ in 1861. It would be really interesting to find out a little about their lives in Scotland before coming to NZ and settling in Central Otago.

    1. Hi David

      Thank you for your message and hope you have a wonderful trip. The Heritage Centre does have fixed dates and due to work to the building it’s unfortunately not as simple as allowing you access. There are a number of interesting historical sites locally, reference to tailoring and personalising your visit can be found in information shared in comments below.

      Also, have you looked at ? You may be able to locate information of where your ancestors lived and build that in to your visit.

      Kind regards

  69. Regarding ties between MacCrummen/MacCrimmon and the Gunn Clan.

    Recently I have re-discovered long lost, handwritten Clan MacCrimmon Society records developed in the mid-1930’s by Geo Poulter, FSA Scot. I have transcribed the records and one of the points outlined by Pouter is tie between the Gunn and MacC’ peoples in the Dunrobin area -starting about 1200. Do your genealogist or historian have further information on this topic?

    JB McCrummen, FSA Scot
    Beaver Creek Forest, Rochester, Washington USA

  70. Hello my name is James hampton and I was wondering what makes a family a
    sept because my grandfather Jon Hampton is married to a Gunn named Coda

    1. Hi James

      Your Grandmother was a Gunn and we’re glad you found us. While Hampton doesn’t feature as a Sept you are more than welcome to join us and explore your Gunn connections. There are links on the website and benefits for members.

  71. Hi I have been trying and trying to find out if my ancestry can be traced back to Clan Gunn. The earliest ancestor I have definitive proof of is Thomas Robinson sr. In Henrico, Virginia. Did any of the Robson Gunns migrate to Virginia around the early 1600s? Any information would be appreciated.

    1. Yes, your Grandmother is a Gunn and we welcome all descendants.
      From our membership page, “If you bear the name Gunn, or any one of the sept names historically associated with Clan Gunn by birthright or by marriage, or if your ancestors bore one of those names, you are very welcome to join the Society.

  72. Do you have a list of names of burials in the cemetery. I am looking for graves of gggrandparents. They are George Henderson d. 20 May 1916 at Inver, Dunbeath and his wife Margaret Gunn Henderson d. 10 Mar 1911 at Clashean, Ramscraig, Dunbeath.
    I plan to visit the Museum Monday, Sept 17, 2018

    Thank you Joan Hardison

  73. We extend an invitation to join us at the Louisiana Highland Games and Celtic Festival (LAHGCF), March 30-31, 2019, to be held at Lamar Dixon Convention Center, Gonzales, LA. .

    Clan tent applications (under Vendors/Clans) can be filled out on our website clan page where you will be invoiced on January 31 or you may fill out the attached form and remit your payment immediately.

  74. my great grandfather was Peter Gunn he married a Bridget but i am trying to find out what her surname would of been .they lived at Botwoodville nfld .My grandmother was Alice Gunn she was born 1895 she married my grandfather James McDonald of Norris Arm NFLD. my dad was George Leonard Mcdonald. i am named after my grandmother

  75. Between 1858 and 1863, 4 sons of Angus Gunn 1798-1883 [taylor and crofter -Braemore, died Latheronwheel], emigrated to Otago NZ. There was a free church colony/community there, but were there other more local reasons that 4 of 6 boys would have abandoned Kildonan? Kelp? herring? etc failures, no prospects in Braemore. The final leaver was my great grandfather David Waters, who sailed from Glasgow in 1863. Any leads to Sunderland economic history references would be much appreciated.

  76. Just a note to let you know that as a Sept member (Wilson) I have registered a personal tartan under my name. I am in the process of getting it woven now. Besides myself and family it is open to any Chief Petty Officer in any service. (We are all brothers and sisters who wear the anchors.) It is registered with the Scottish register of Tartans under my name with the referance number of 12194. Since I am under your clan I figured I should let the chain of command know. Thank you

    1. Kenneth

      Thank you for letting us know. The design notes read fitting for that of a military Clansman. CLICK HERE for those that wish to see.

      I will pass this on at our next Society meeting and I will drop you a private email with a wee bit more information.

      le dùrachd

    2. Good …chain of command. I like it. I will not change my tartan to this blue thing. I have and will continue to wear my green one…striped with the blood of our kinsman.

      1. Sean

        I guess this is the cause of your complaint in the other thread. Kenneth clearly explains that he has created his own tartan linked to his heritage and his military service (where I assume the blue comes from). No one will force you to wear anything, Sean.

        Good luck with the tartan, Kenneth.

  77. Hi,
    My name is Robby Robinson from San Antonio, Tx USA . I have been with the Clan Gunn membership society for about 5 years.

    My DNA results show that I am mostly British and Irish, 74%, dating back to between 1820 and 1830. Also my results show that I share a paternal genetic line with a king, “Niall of the Nine Hostages” from Northern Ireland and Scotland dating back 10,000 years. This is found to be most probably more myth than man. It is assumed that the Ui Neill clans have traced their origins to this mythical dynasty hence forth some Gaelic, Celtic and Norse sir names i.e. MacNiell MacNeal, MacManus etc.
    I would like to know if there are any Gunn’s which also share this ancestry.

  78. I came across this looking my great great great grandfather up. Sadly back in August of last my great grandma past away I know little bits of her family it just odd searching John Gunn Wilson and this came up.

  79. By what authority did Ian Gunn change our tartan? it looks like a western isles tartan. The colour is there for a reason man. who elected Ian Gunn Chief btw? The Gunns have no chief. Is he directly descendant from James Gunn? This smacks of trying to quell and civilise the Gunns with tartanry and now this chief. Please answer my questions, they are valid. why the tartan change? is Ian Gunn heir related to James Gunn? You have undermined our great war clan. always the last in line. always the first in battle.

    1. Hi Sean

      I’m not sure where your information comes from that the Clan tartan has changed. Do you have a reference for that?

      As for the history of Chieftainship you will find ample information within the site to answer your questions.

  80. Hi, I am just trying to confirm if I can in fact trace my heritage back to clan Gunn, my great grandfather was a Robson and great grandmother a maxwell

  81. Hello, my family name is Mann, my grandfather was from Inverness area, I understand the Scottish Manns come under Clann Gunn. What I would like to find out is the Scots Gaelic version of the name Mann. I was told it was MacMaghnuis, allowing for slight spelling variations. Would you be able to help ax to the most accurate Scots Gaelic rendering on the name Mann? Many thanks, Robert Mann

  82. To whom it may concerns,

    Hello, while searching in the archives I have found that one of my great great great grand mother Had been married to a Robinson François son of Henri Robinson from Belfast. As Robinson is one of the Sept of Gunn, would it be possible to join clan Gunn society ?
    Is there a branch of your society in France ?

    Thanks in Advance


    1. Hi Eymeric

      We cover the membership for Europe too so we do have a fair few French members.

      Regarding you eligibility for membership the answer is YES. Our website states “If you bear the name Gunn, or any one of the sept names historically associated with Clan Gunn by birthright or by marriage, or if your ancestors bore one of those names, you are very welcome to join the Society” which covers your interest.


      Clan Gunn Society Web

  83. Hi

    I just joined the site and have noticed that our sept name – MacManus – is not listed. My grandfather of that name who was buried in his Gunn kilt was from Thurso and his descendants all wear the Gunn kilt at our family events in Australia (weddings, 21st birthdays, Kirk, Burn’s Nights etc). We have always thought we were part of this but it looks like you don’t think we are. Admittedly its all oral history and tradition but who decided we aren’t ? Extends to the Gunn family Wikipedia page now too. Before we abandon our allegiance as apparently mistaken who do we confirm with?

    1. Hi Andrew

      I’ll start with Wiki … it can be a source for misinformation and it is not helpful that all and sundry can edit it. People were editing and adding names and we needed to have a yard stick for the published names. After consultation with the Chief the list was confirmed.

      On to MacManus. It is in our list linked to Septs. If you follow this link and read towards the bottom it explains our Sept list, reference to where it is derived and associated spellings and variations. it is listed as a derivitive form of a Sept name, which is as valid as any name on the list.

      With such a rich history of Gunn involvement in your family you clearly are part of the Clan! If you have any stories of old we’d love to hear them, whether for a feature in the Herald or shared elsewhere.

      Now you have joined we look forward to seeing you at events and gatherings!


      Clan Gunn Society Web

  84. Hello,

    My name is Ben Wilson and I am from Australia. My family is a sept of Clan Gunn and I am soon going to visit Scotland for the first time for a friend’s wedding.

    I am wondering if there are any particular places to see that are closely connected with our Clan that you would recommend. I am also interested to find out if there are any flora and fauna associated with Clan Gunn – I am an Aboriginal man too, and our tribes often have a kinship with particular animals and natural features.

    Please forgive my ignorance in this regard – I am still a novice in learning about this part of my heritage.


    Benny Wilson

  85. I have a book, History of the Clan Gunn, printed in 1890. Inside title page includes: The Gunns by Thomas Sinclair, M.A., author of “Humanities,” etc. Near the bottom is a hand and sword above the silhouette of a knight (head and shoulders, in armor), then a crest with a wooden sailing ship and the words Aux Pax Aut Bellum in a ribbon

    The typing at the bottom:: Wick:
    William Rae.

    There is an inscription on the inside from cover:

    John A. Gunn
    from his English Cousin
    E.H.wago Gunn (it is difficult to read the cursive after the E.H. as all the cursive is connected. There is a period after the E and the H, but the H is then connected to what looks like a cursive w without the bridge connector to tdhe a, or a very sloppy cursive m, but after the g and o it connects to the word Gunn.
    Below the inscription is October 1908.

    There is also a vinyl like rectangular swatch on the backside of third page that is labeled Gunn Tartan.

    This was part of my mother’s estate. Mom died in 2018. She used to be the caregiver for a woman named Craigie Gunn, sister of Helen Gunn Chandler. My mother had Helen Chandler as a high school english teacher back in the late 1940’s. They became friends, and before Helen died she asked my mom to take care of her sister, Craigie Gunn. When Craigie Gunn died she had only one living relative in the U.S. that she was in contact with. She left something to him, and some other townspeople, but willed the rest of her estate to my mother. Please let me know if anyone is interested in this book. I contacted the Caithness Archive Centre in Wick, but they do have a copy and recommended I contact you.

  86. I have just joined the Clan Gunn Society and I am so pleased to do so I live in Australia in the state of NSW and the suburb of Kurnell this village as we call it is the same place where Captain James Cook landed and the village is known as The as The Birthplace of the Nation and I also belong to the Sutherland Shire Heritage Festival Committee.

    Kind Regards,
    Irene Anderson.

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