2015 International Gathering

We held our  18th International  Gathering between Saturday 18th July 2015 and Sunday 26th July, when members from around the world joined with their fellow Clansmen and women and returned to their homeland.

We commenced the Gathering with a few days on the island of Orkney including an opportunity to visit the spectacular Island of Hoy. We then returned to the mainland (based in Wick, Caithness) for the remainder of the week.

We enjoyed a packed programme of events including trips to many historic sites, including a tough choice between  a visit to the Highland Park Distillery  and Skara Brae and Drumness.


One of our members (Eric Douet) has kindly provided the following links to his photographs of the week:

2015 Gunn day 1

2015 Gunn day 2 vids

2015 Gunn day 2

2015 Gunn day 3

2015 Gunn day 4

2015 Gunn day 5

2015 Gunn day 5 vids

2015 Gunn day 6

2015 Gunn day 7 vid

2015 Gunn day 8

2015 Gunn day 8 vids

Gunn day 9, last