Clan Gunn Generations 2019: Edinburgh Christmas Market

From single members in their twenty-somethings to members with family through to the young in heart – Clan Gunn Generations is our leisure and activities event programme where the emphasis is on fun and there’s something for everyone.

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While Clan Gunn’s raison d’être is perceived as being all about history and genealogy, the first founding principle set out in the Clan’s constitution is “to promote a spirit of kinship amongst members of the Clan throughout the world”.

What better way of promoting that spirit of kinship than through organising events that offer something for all, to come together and have a lot of fun – and to get to know each other.

While the Clan’s centrepiece event – the International Gathering – will continue to provide members new and existing with a fascinating insight into Clan Gunn’s history and homelands, alongside other formal and informal events that the Clan arranges throughout the year, Clan Gunn Generations is purely about the fun.

Having first launched at the Halkirk Highland Games 2019 with events including a kilted race in which two Clan members won cash prizes for their finishing positions, our inaugural (and festive!) big weekender was held to mark St. Andrew’s weekend in November 2019 – with (terrifying!) Ghost Walks, Ten-Pin Bowling, funfairs, stylish dining (and much whisky and mulled wine!) in Edinburgh.

Clan Gunn Generations 2019: Ten Pin Bowling

Clan Gunn Generations offers a diverse programme of fun events and all members are welcome to join the fun.

No history tests, no boring old academic textbooks – just fun for the youthful and the young in heart. If that sounds like your idea of why you’d like to get involved with Clan Gunn, check our Generations page regularly for news of upcoming events, competitions and more.

Get your membership ( CLICK HERE ) for just £7.99 and join in!

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