Online Shopping (with discount code)


A number of members have asked if they can purchase goods from the Heritage Centre online.  Unfortunately online shopping is not possible at the moment and purchases from the Heritage Centre can only be made in person during opening hours.

We have however approached a number of third party organisations who provide goods that may be of interest to our members, and we are pleased to be able to offer a 10% discount to members who purchase items from “” (*). The discount code can be found in the members’ only area.  (Members: please see your latest Herald for details of how to access this area of the website).

This company offers a wide range of products with both  Scottish and Clan themed items.This includes a variety of clothing from “hoodies” to kilts featuring the Clan Gunn tartan(s) and  crest.

For those who are interested in purchasing material by the metre: they offer the modern Gunn tartan in silk and all three tartans (modern, ancient and weathered) in various weights of wool.

(*) Please note that this link and discount code is provided for members’ benefit only under the terms of our external links policy. The society does not profit in any way from this link and does not endorse or warrant any products purchased from ScotClans.