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Back Issues of Gunn Herald:

The majority of our magazine (The Gunn Herald) is now available to members of the society  online – see Gunn Herald Back Catalogue.

The “Gunn Herald” was first published in 1987 and since then over 100 editions have been published each with fascinating articles submitted by members covering a wide range of topics and styles.

An index of all the articles is given here in Excel form which allows searching and also as a static .pdf file for those who are unable to open Excel (but no search facility!)


A sample edition of the magazine (from October 2013)  is available here:

Sample Magazine

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A New Membership Option for the Clan Gunn Society

Annual Membership
Following a review of our current membership options and in an attempt both to appeal to new members and to bring our membership into line with the modern electronic world, the Clan Gunn Society has decided to offer an e-membership at a cost of £5p.a. This will be available to all new members from the end of March 2018 and for any existing members (when their membership next comes up for renewal).

E-members will receive an online welcome pack but will not receive hard copies of the Herald, however they will be able to view the Herald by electronic means. In all other respects the e-membership
will be the same as the traditional membership in that e-members will be entitled to discounts to Clan Gunn events held throughout the year and free entry to the Clan Gunn Heritage Centre (CGHC) etc. We believe that not only will this e-membership help us streamline our administration but it will also allow for closer communication with our membership.

However when signing up, we will also encourage all new e-members to make a voluntary donation of a further £5, £10 or a figure of their choosing which will go directly to the Clan Gunn Heritage Trust (CGHT), which is responsible for the upkeep of the Clan Gunn Heritage Centre in Latheron. In this respect, we will update the website on a regular basis with details of projects that require funding to hopefully make the request seem more relevant. For instance, we are currently replacing the ceiling and repainting the walls in time for the new season and it is likely that we will have to also replace a number of the windows over the course of the next year.
Whilst we will encourage all new members to take out e-membership (where possible), we wish to reiterate that the traditional membership (for those that still want to receive a hard copy of the Herald) will remain at the same cost of £16 p.a. for UK members and £19 p.a. for overseas members.
For those existing members who pay by standing order and who wish to convert to e-membership, there will also be an option to leave their existing standing orders in place and an automatic
donation of £11 p.a. (UK) or £14 p.a. (overseas) will be made to the CGHT on their behalf.

Life Membership
We will also be offering a life e-membership at a one off cost of £250, (of which £200 will be an automatic donation to the CGHT). However as with the regular e-membership, there will be an
option to make a further donation should the new life e-member wish.
With regard to existing life members, we will shortly be writing to them to offer the option of “buying out” their existing traditional life membership. This will take the form of the Clan Gunn Society making a one off contribution of £200 to the Heritage Trust for each existing life member who is prepared to accept ongoing life e-membership.
We intend to recognise all life members on a brass plaque/glass plate or similar at the Clan Gunn Heritage Centre. Once again, there is no requirement for existing life members to change to the new
life e-membership should they wish to continue to receive hard copies of the Herald.

Members’ Area Ideas for the Future?

For the future we are looking to publish some of the genealogical information available within the Society in the Member’s Area of the site, and also provide a forum for discussions on topics relevant to the Clan, but we are open to suggestions from members (and non-members who are thinking of joining) alike, so if you have any thoughts on this, or any other changes that you would like to see to this web-site  please feel free to comment below.

20 thoughts on “Member’s Area”

  1. I am a member of clan Gunn. Great lakes. My mother was a Wilson.

    Interested in access to the Herald back Cataloge. also interested in the family and Sept names. Can not find them published.

    1. Hello Graham,

      Sorry about the slow reply – I’ve been neglecting my Clan duties for the last week or so! It’s a good idea to put a full list of the Gunn Septs on the Web-site – I’ll do it as soon as I can, but in the meanwhile there is an abbreviated list on the “join” tab you won’t be surprised to know that “Wilson” is included there.
      The back catalogue is “work in progress” – all of the Heralds are available to download for our members but we’re working on a complete index of the back catalogue that will be in the public area of the website so that should make it easy to see if there is anything that would be of interest to you. I expect to put that in place early in the New Year – I’ll post again as soon as it is ready. In the meanwhile have a great Christmas!

  2. I would be grateful if you were able to send me a replacement password for the members area of the clan website. Our rubbish bin is both capacious and rapacious and refused to deliver up the required information which I believe was associated with the wrapper of the October magazine. It remains thoroughly unrepentant leaving me, regretfully, to play the role of mendicant. Your help would be much appreciated.

    1. Hi Peter,

      I’ll e-mail it to you, but if you (or any other member reading this) has the October Herald in front of you, you’ll find it on Page 19 at the end of the short Website Report. Hopefully you retrieved your membership card which was within the wrapper of the Herald.

    1. Hi Matthew, we’ll e-mail it to you. It will change when we issue each Herald (assuming I remember to ask the Herald editor to put it in!) so check the next one when you receive it.

  3. I don’t know how many members would share my interest, but genealogical assistance and perhaps a DNA project would be helpful.

    Names such as mine crop up in many different places within Scotland and so confirming a link to any clan, let alone a specific one, is difficult and the so called sept system invites a lot of assumption.

  4. Hello –
    I also am a new member. I received the Spring 2017 issue of The Gunn Salute, but I don’t believe I’ve seen the Herald. Please put my name on the list along with the others for my password. Septs: Wylie and Wilson.
    Thank you,
    Hugh Bradley

    1. Hello Hugh,

      Just to clarify: “The Gunn Salute” is the magazine of the North American Clan Gunn Society ( whereas “The Gunn Herald” is the magazine of the UK society (i.e. the site you are now on). I assume from your comment that you have joined the US society – you are of course very welcome to join the UK society as well and then get both magazines (quite a few of our members do).

  5. I have been a member of the gunn clan society for two years now and was wondering if you could arrange to add an audio version of gunn’s salute on bagpipes to your web page. I am a piper and live in Canada and it would be nice to be able to access an audio recording of the music to aid in my learning the gunn’s salute to play myself. Charles Johnson/nelson/british Columbia.

  6. Hello,
    I just purchased membership through PayPal, however, I did not receive anything else. How do I utilize being a member?
    I am a Gunn by birth.
    Fathers name is Richard Gunn.
    His father was James Gunn.
    His father was Reuben Gunn.
    His father was Nathaniel Gunn.

    1. Hi Angel and welcome,

      You’ll receive your Clan Gunn paperwork in due course. Please enjoy the website and check back to the members area once you have received your password.

  7. I’m from clan Gunn, Robinson decent I believe that my great great grandfather was the last one to be in Scotland, I’m proud to be part of it.

  8. Hello,
    I am trying to apply for the digital membership and subscription to the Gunn Herald. May pay using my credit card or do I have to have an account with PayPal? I have been trying to use my credit card to no avail. I live overseas and not in the UK so when I put my address in, I also seem to have problems. The form doesn’t recognize my address, postcode, etc. Please let me know if there is a way around or if I have to create a PayPal account. Thank you!

    1. Hi Eleanor

      If you use the drop down element and select the digital option it will take you to paypal. You do not have to create an account though (although it’ll try and persuade you) and you can purchase the membership using a card by selecting the ‘subscribe’ option on the paypal screen. It’ll offer to create an account for you but you don’t have to fill that in. It’ll also convert your local currency so make sure you select United States on the dropdown at the bottom of that screen.

      Any further issues drop me a line at and I’ll guide you through the options.


    1. Hi John. If you’ve paid by paypal your renewal will be listed with a date in your paypal account. Other than that it would be annual from the date you joined and you would normally get a reminder if you went over. Thank you.

  9. Really need some help to work out my family tree im Craig Gunn (victor john craig Gunn) from edinburgh But emigrated to Valencia Spain 10 years ago.

    My father Murdoch Gunn and his brother Donald Gunn sadly both deceased is the only information I have they had a Farm in Caithness until 2002 and as I will soon be a father I want my son to know about his heritage. I have signed up for a full international membership and already processed payment, Hope I can have a chat with someone to work out my family tree.

    all the best and best regards to all Gunn Family

    1. Hi Craig

      Thanks for getting in touch. As you’ve jpoined one of our membership options throught the website you’ll be able to access the geaeology service, once you’ve received your membership number you can email. Full instructions are on the website.

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