For just £5, members receive a topical and interesting e-magazine “The Gunn Herald” three times/year. Members and their immediate family are also entitled to attend the various Clan Gunn events held throughout the year; giving them the opportunity to meet others in their wider Gunn family. Additionally members are allowed free access to the Clan genealogy records both directly at the Heritage Centre and through the more extensive Genealogy service (see menu).

Any current members wishing to change membership type should do so before their renewal date.  Please remember to cancel your current recurring subscription in Paypal ( for guide click here ) before signing up for the new type of membership.

We welcome members of all ages, from all places! Whether  you’re already an expert in family history or just starting out, the Clan Gunn Society is a great way to meet other like-minded people, to share research and to bring your family history alive.

If you bear the name Gunn, or any one of the Sept names (or their derivatives) historically associated with Clan Gunn by birthright or by marriage, or if your ancestors bore one of those names, you are very welcome to join the Society.

The Sept or branch names derive mainly from the five sons of Gunn of Ulbster, Chief of Clan Gunn and Crowner of Caithness. They include the following but there are many further variations;

Gallie Gaunson Georgeson Henderson Jameson
Jamieson Johnson Kean Keene MacComas
MacCorkill MacIan MacKames Mackeamish MacKean
MacRob MacWilliam Mann Manson Nelson
Robson Sandison Swanson Williamson Wilson

Joining couldn’t be easier. You can join online using PayPal (which will convert to your local currency) .

If you wish to receive a colour copy of the Gunn Herald (three times/year) through the post the annual subscription is £16 for UK members and £19 for overseas members. Digital members will receive the same magazine but in electronic format by email.

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As a final option… the Society does also offer full life membership for a one off payment of £515 through PayPal (or £500 by sterling cheque – please see application form for details). There is also an e-Membership Life option where, as above, you do not receive a physical copy of the Herald.  £200 of this membership is also sent directly to the Clan Gunn Heritage Centre.

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