Family Tree / Genealogy Requests and Information

From time to time we have requests from members to see where their family connects to the Clan and if there are any records that they can view.

Requests by paid members can be made to the Clan Genealogist Mr Mike Pearson

However, in order to meet these requests successfully we need some information to get us going;

  • Your membership number (must be current)
  • As much information about your earliest known ancestors.
  • As many dates, names, maiden names and locations as possible.
  • Any documentation you have to support your findings.

If you are unsure where to start there are a number of sites that offer free or paid support to build your family tree.  Most have similar information and sources.

Useful links;

Cyndi’s List      Free and a great starting point

Scotlands People      a really useful site for Scottish ancestry

Ancestry.Com  build a tree and interact with other builders – ensure you check provenance before you link though!

MyHeritage.Com like Ancestry but a rival company

GedMatch.Com  great site for comparing DNA and GedCom information

Remember, before a certain date the information in some trees may be conjectural.  Use good judgement and check other peoples’ information fully before simply copying.

This list isn’t everything available but it will get you started.  If you do find any good sites which you think hold Gunn archives please drop us an email at