Clan Gunn, Data Protection and GDPR

This Policy describes the Clan Gunn Society’s response to the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), effective  25th May 2018.

When an individual becomes a member of the UK-based Clan Gunn Society, they provide their name and address, and optionally their email address and telephone number(s). We protect this data carefully and take every practicable measure to ensure that the information is safe and accurate at all times. We will never sell this data or share it with anyone outside the Clan Gunn Society except with the individual’s written permission.

The data protection law allows us to store and use such information for a ‘Legitimate Interest’. This involves balancing the interest of the Society to process the data against the individuals’ rights to decide how their data should be managed. In our case this means providing members with updates about the Clan Gunn Society and Clan Gunn Heritage Trust activities, such as membership renewal or occasional news, both by post via “The Herald” magazine and increasingly by e-mail and/or “social media”.  We also hold telephone and address details to give an alternative contact method in case email communication fails.

When a member resigns or is removed from the active membership register for some other reason, their personal details will be permanently deleted within 12 months of their resignation and/or removal from the register.

Members and ex-members can ask us to change the way that we communicate with them, or to reduce the amount of communications they receive, or to have their details removed completely from the Society’s records by contacting the Membership Secretary whose contact details are published  on this website under Contacts.