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COVID-19 Unfortunately due to the Global Pandemic we have taken the difficult decision to close the Heritage Centre for the 2020 season. We plan to return at the beginning of June 2021.

Aut pax, aut bellum — pax to our followers, bellum to the virus!

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Clan Gunn Facebook Feed
3 weeks ago

The Neil Gunn Trust (a registered charity promoting the works of one of Scotland’s greatest writers) has recently created a facebook page. Gunn was a highlander and the highlands feature strongly in his writing. The page already holds a number of interesting articles and files, with more to follow. For many, his writing has served as an introduction to the Scottish and particularly highland history, literature and culture, the schooling of which was denied to generations of Scots. The Trust extends a warm invitation to follow the page. Thank ... See more

4 weeks ago
Photos from Clan Gunn - Highland Clan, Heritage Centre and Society's post

Happy St Patrick's Day to our Irish cousins and all who celebrate it... Our own Clan Saint, St Donan is reputed of 7th C Irish decent, so slàinte mhath mo charaidean 🥃

3 months ago
Orkney Pagans

Some amazing photographs from Orkney. The photographer,Mark who is also on Insta, shows the alignment of the stones with the rising sun as we come up to the Winter Solstice.

Sunrise on the morning of the eve of the Solstice

The Sun did peak over the ridge line briefly. These are some shots I took with my phone to start out with.
I will process the RAW shots off the big camera later.

3 months ago
Irn Bru Top 15

One thing we’re constantly asked is “What culturally separates the Scots from the rest of the World?”

Of course whisky, kilts, haggis, deep fried Mars Bars and broon each have their effect on our culture, but you can’t ignore the power of Irn Bru ....

Dinna fash, it’s available worldwide now!

My top 15 Irn Bru adverts. If I missed any let me know or let me know your favorite top 15. Comment and rate please I own nothing in this video

4 months ago

Please consider signing this petition to start a process to help the Government protect historical sites such as Culloden.
At present developers can just build (subject to planning) but a change in Scottish Law may stop this.
Anyone can sign, so wherever you are please add your name. It’s free to do so!

4 months ago
Photos from Clan Gunn - Highland Clan, Heritage Centre and Society's post

Wrap up warm this winter! Weathered Gunn fèileadh mòr, broach and bonnet. What’s in your wardrobe?

4 months ago

Our friends up the road at the Caithness Broch Project are looking for new ‘members’ and ‘friends’ ... an amazing piece of local history and great to see so much going into exploring them!

We always wonder what the ancient Clan would make of the Brochs. Sure they were buried but maybe Snaekoll used some small accessible part to stash his secret plunderings, or maybe the hunters of the Clan sheltered in their lee .... will we ever know? But it’s great to imagine .....

Members are members of the Caithness Broch Project company - new membership is open to residents of Caithness age 16 or over.

4 months ago
Light in the North

Winter now lies over Scotland and today we have had our first dusting of snow. I imagine the village of Dunbeath in Caithness, in 1891. Reports tell us that the snow then was far deeper then, and lay longer for many weeks. I imagine that the deepening dark of those long winter nights meant that village folk must have dug not only physically through snow conditions but also deeply into themselves, their families and communities to face the winter.
Professor Alan Riach writes about the relationship in Neil Gunn’s work between “the physical and the spiritual” and he finds “these ... See more

4 months ago

Wishing you all a great St Andrew’s Day. Slàinte mhath.

Usually Clan Gunn would be Gathering to celebrate the occasion however 2020 has different ideas!

Until the next time .....

4 months ago
Isabel Gunn

A wee bit of Gunn history:

Isabel Gunn was one of the first white women to penetrate fur trade society. She was from Orkney and she signed on with the Hudson’s Bay Company in Stromness and shipped out to North America in the summer of 1806.  She had disguised herself as a boy, and went by the name of John Fubbister. Appare...