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COVID-19 Unfortunately due to the Global Pandemic we have taken the difficult decision to close the Heritage Centre for the 2020 season. We plan to return at the beginning of June 2021.

Aut pax, aut bellum — pax to our followers, bellum to the virus!

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Welcome to the Clan Gunn and the Clan Gunn Society website.

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3 days ago
5/7/2020 :: Society Of Caithness Artist - Annual Show Online This Year

Online show - great way to stay in touch with Caithness

Unveiling of the Inaugural Glass, Meet the Future Festival 3 July -17 July 2020 Northlands Creative Glass GMTF UNVEILS ITS AMBITIOUS AND DIVERSE FILM PROGRAMME REFLECTING TODAYS GLASS COMMUNITY Scotland's arts links with Japan are being supported by over £100,000 from a partnership between British ...

2 weeks ago
Macnab Knives

Some amazing and skillfull work from Macnab Knives just down the road in Montrose!

Definitely worth a look at the photos on the page. Great craftsmanship!

Macnab Knives is dedicated to making high quality, handmade, bespoke knives. Each knife is unique and can be custom made to suit clients needs.
Made in a shed in Scotland.
All antler sourced locally

3 weeks ago
Eighty years on, new generation to learn about the ‘Forgotten 51st’

History revisited ...

New learning resources highlight the bravery of members of the 51st Highland Division who were captured at St Valéry-en-Caux 80 years ago this week.

1 month ago
Highland Aerial Views

Mentioned here before but worth the reminder to have another look. Highland Aerial Views shows the area in a superb way from low altitude and there are some truly amazing photos on the page below. Enjoy.

Photos taken in and around the Highland Region of Scotland, using a small multirotor drone , and a fixed wing FPV model aircraft.

1 month ago
Forest volunteers are beavering away at Dunnet

Looks amazing!

Groups of volunteers have been beavering away to keep on top of matters at a popular Caithness woodland.

1 month ago
Home - Clan Gunn Society

Hope you’re all ok.

We’ve done a wee bit of housekeeping during lockdown. For some reason over the years we’d collected more than one Facebook site that covered the official Clan, Society and Heritage Centre.

Thanks to the magic of Facebook we’ve managed to merge the content so you’ll all be able to see all posts.

Don’t forget to check for the official website.

Feel free to browse and share our content,

Slàinte mhath

Clan Gunn Society

Introduction to the Clan Gunn Society by the Chief of Clan Gunn

1 month ago
Kyberlight Sabers

Another classic from the unipiper!

@theunipiper is at it again. 😆 Happy Friday everyone and stay safe out there. 🙏🏽
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2 months ago
Caithness writer's Radio 4 drama attracts audience of two million

Scottish romance, murder, hangings and wild adventure .... what more for a radio drama! 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿

A two-part drama by Caithness writer Colin MacDonald attracted a total audience of around two million when it was broadcast on BBC Radio 4.

2 months ago
Coronavirus: Prince Charles praises farmers who #FeedTheNation

Prince Charles has praised the efforts of British farmers to feed the nation during the coronavirus pandemic. The crisis shows that food “does not happen

2 months ago

A share from YouTube of some of the great sights around Caithness. Credits to the creator Stevie Bruce.

A wee video made up off drone footage taken earlier this year showing a small selection of what Caithness has to offer