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We are open annually from the beginning of June until the end of September. Keep an eye on this site, Google Maps and our entry on the North Coast 500 website for current information.

Clan Gunn Heritage Centre (Latheron)
Clan Gunn Heritage Centre (Latheron)

The Clan Gunn Heritage Centre and Museum is housed in the old Parish Church, Latheron which was built in 1734. The church was gifted to the Society in 1974 and after considerable fund raising within the clan and with financial support from the Highlands and Islands Development Board, Caithness District Council and The Scottish Countryside Commission it was officially opened on 22nd August 1985.

The Heritage Centre is open from 1st June to 30th September, Mondays to Saturdays between 11am and 4pm. We are unfortunately unable to allow access out of these times. In previous years we could occasionally arrange private viewings but current circumstances do not allow this. All requests will unfortunately be met with a disappointing refusal.

The centre tells the story of the clan from its Norse origins to the present day against the background of the history of the north of Scotland. It also contains one of the best clan archives in Scotland based on many years of research by Dr.Colin Gunn, the clan Seannachaidh and by the late Abb L. Gunn the previous Clan genealogist.  Mike Pearson, our current genealogist continues to maintain and progress our history as material comes to light.

Moving into the modern age we are currently digitising our paper files and hope to have online access for members in the future.  That said, nothing can compare to an actual visit to our Centre.

The Centre has a Clan Shop selling a wide range of Gunn tartan and other goods and books by Neil M Gunn and other Scottish


If you have any general questions please contact us by email at  queries@clangunnsociety.org


 A number of friends of the Clan have expressed an interest in donating towards the work and upkeep of the centre, and we are pleased to be able to offer the opportunity to do so through PayPal below.

As the Clan Centre is a UK registered charity , we will be able to reclaim a further 25% from the UK Tax Authorities for donations made by UK tax payers, so if you are able to do so, please complete a Gift Aid Donation Form and either post or scan and e-mail it to our treasurer (see Contacts Page on this web-site for details).

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