There has never been a better time to join Clan Gunn.

With new E-Memberships available at just £5 per year (click HERE) , there’s no massive cost barrier. We’re also starting to introduce a whole range of fresh and exciting events to appeal to members old and new.
The first of these great new opportunities is participation in two very special events at the Halkirk Highland Games on Saturday 27th July 2019.

We’re looking for the strongest and the bravest to fight for the pride of the clan in a special tug o’war event. Think you’re tough enough for the challenge? Know someone who is? Make sure they join up now! If you’re tough enough, existing members or new, drop us an email about competing at

We’re also looking for those who are fast on their feet – with suitable attire – for a marvelous display of speed and tartan as we battle to be the quickest in an extra special KILTED RACE! Get those Clan Gunn kilts together and come join us as we strive to be the fastest of the fast! (We’ll welcome fun runners, too!)

So, for just £5 a year, you get an e-copy of our quarterly newsletter, The Gunn Herald, access to an incredible array of genealogical research into Clan Gunn and it’s Septs… on top of all that, you get the chance to join us in an increasingly diverse range of fun, sporting, cultural and historical events throughout the year.
What are you waiting for? Come join us!!