George Gunn (?? – 1818)

We have been asked by  the London Gaelic Society if we have any information about a George Gunn who was listed as a Friend and Supporter of the Gaelic Chapel  with an address at the Admiralty. He left a wife and nine children, and is believed to have died on 15 December 1818 in Dulwich.

We have no record of him in the society but wondered if any of our Web visitors can help  – if you can please post a comment…


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  1. A George Gunn in London acted as an intermediary for O’Sullivan Sutherland (1736-1799) and during the late 1760s agreed to forward his letters from Philadelphia to O’Sulivan’s family in Sutherland (Nat Rec. Scotland GD347_72). O’Sulivan came from the Sutherland family of Little Torboll, an earlier member of which had married Donald “Crotaich” Gunn of Kileranan in 1688.

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