19th International Gathering: 21st to 28th July 2018

2015 Gathering: The Clans prepare to march to the Halkirk  games – let battle commence!

Provisional plans are already underway for the 19th International Gathering of Clan Gunn. These ever popular events occur every three years when Gunns from around the world return to their homeland to explore the land of their ancestors as well as enjoying the hospitality and company of their Gunn “cousins”.

The extended week is packed with  organised tours, expert lectures, Highland games and good dining  although visitors can choose to attend as many, or as few of these as they wish. but there is no better way for our Clansmen and women to see and experience the real Scotland of their forebears.

A link to many photos and videos of the 18th (2105) International Gathering can be found here:


We strongly recommend putting this event into your diary, remember ….

21st to 28th July 2018!!