Welcome to the Clan Gunn and the Clan Gunn Society website.

Message from The Chief

The Clan Gunn is one of the oldest Scottish Clans descended from the Norse Jarls of Orkney and the Pictish Mormaers of Caithness.

Today there are members of the Clan in the UK, France, the Netherlands, South Africa, USA, Canada, New Zealand and Australia. The Clan was originally based on the east coast of Caithness, but from the fifteenth century the senior line settled in the Strath of Kildonan in north east Sutherland; the Robson Gunns had their seat in Braemore in south east Caithness and the third main family established themselves in Cattaig and Dalemore on the upper reaches of the River Thurso.
There are thriving Clan Gunn Societies in the UK, New Zealand, Nova Scotia and North America. I have appointed two personal Commissioners to represent me abroad – Rob Kamp-Gunn, a former president of the Clan Gunn Society who is my representative in the Netherlands and Rich Gunn,  president of the Clan Gunn Society of North America, who is my representative in North America.

We are proud of our Clan Heritage Centre at Latheron in Caithness based in the old Parish Church of Latheron which has provided a focal point for the Clan since it opened in 1985.

Our clan archive is one of the most comprehensive, thanks to the work of the late Dr. Colin Gunn, Sandy Gunn and our current clan genealogist Abb Gunn of Alpharetta, Georgia, USA.

Our 18th International Gathering will be held in Orkney and Caithness from 19 to 26 July. Full details and a booking form can be found on this  Website. Clan Sinclair will also be holding its International Gathering in 2015 and we plan to meet together at the Halkirk Games. We look forward to welcoming members of the Clan from all parts of the world to our triennial get-together.

I am delighted to see that our Clan Societies overseas continue to thrive. I am grateful to Sam Johnson for leading the Clan Gunn Society of North America over the past three years and welcome Rich Gunn on his return to the Presidency and the other new office-bearers and wish them well for the next three years.

I send you all my best wishes for 2015.


Iain Gunn of Banniskirk
Chief, Clan Gunn